Co-creating Heaven on Earth by nurturing the holistic care of Children and World Peace.

J.J.'s Alchemy

Presents The Mastery Trio

To Welcome Our Babies

These special blends of therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living were formulated especially for babies and mothers during pregnancy, the birthing process and after birth to create the optimal environment. Positive energy, peace and calm will gently welcome your little one to the earth realm, with just a spray of J.J.'s Alchemy blend.

Kayanah's Sweet Entry:
This essense was created with an intention of welcoming your baby by being lightly enfolded with this earthy aroma. For use during pregnancy and prior to birthing as well. Spray around those involved. Avoid contact with eyes, face and direct contact with children. Just a light spray brings calm, balance, well being and positive emotions.

Michael's Gentle Emergence:
Intended for both babies and mothers who have experienced a hard labor. Spray lightly on a blanket or cloth and place about a foot and a half away from the little one or spray around the mother. Avoid contact with eyes, face and direct contact with children. Helps to stabilize emotions and to welcome your new baby with peace, calm and positive energy.

MacKenzie's Embrace:
For newborns and parents. Lightly Spray around area or on the mother. Avoid contact with eyes, face or direct contact on babies or children. Helps to develop a positive connection between babies and mothers, as well as fathers or other caretakers. Promotes one's spirituality and sense of happiness for heart, mind and soul.