Co-creating Heaven on Earth by nurturing the holistic care of Children and World Peace

Our Peace Team

Joy Regina Melchizedek always lived in the world with the super natural as the norm. Her earliest telepathic communications occurred before she spoke. By age three she was reading souls and extending healing to others. After meeting Flo Aeveia Magdalena in 1991, she began training in a multitude of Shamanic studies. Her work has expanded to include facilitating Heart Thread, Circuitry Alignment and the Soul Recognition Processes. Joy's a conscious channel, a teacher, a writer and a public personality.

She teaches students and teachers the benefit of not only accessing inner wisdoms but living them. Affectionately known as the Baby Whisperer, Spirit Grandmother and Fairy Godmother, Joy is an advocate for children and peace. She founded Tee-shirts for Peace in 2005 and remains it's Executive Director.

Under an umbrella with Soul Support Systems, Tee-shirts for Peace nurtures children of all ages holistically and offers resolutions to effectively stop the violence for everyone. More often than not Joy's work and play are the same. Writing her book, being with family, friends and children, dancing, listening to music, traveling the country and following her heart and soul desires, fill her life's moments with joy.

(between 1:00pm & 7:00pm Monday to Friday)
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Suze Moll is a visionary artist, a teacher, a Mom and master of mischief to two beautiful daughters. By using creativity to nurture the spirit in children, she reminds parents to encourage the creative spirit in their children. Suze's love for design, creativity,painting, and sewing has lead her to create a one-of-a-kind, up-cycled green clothing company called ReMix.

During summer months, she spends her time directing summer camps for "Imagine That". Providing children with an opportunity to create original ideas through self-expression in the great outdoors is one of Suze's passions. Her love of travel has brought her to China numerous times. While there with her daughters, she felt the pull to help with children in need of adoption.

In her free time she continues to experiment with different types of media creating works of art in her studio under the watchful eye of her furry family. Suze grew up in Danville Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Syracuse University, in New York. She currently resides in Harrisburg, PA with her family and two dogs. Suze’s work is show cased at her studio and Shoppes on Market in Elizabethtown.

It's Suze's creative spirit and love of children that's brought her to Tee-shirts for Peace as team member. Along with designing cloths for us she offers a variety of products and services through out our website. Her generous heart and creative, soulful genius has blessed us in more ways than we can count. We are excited and honored to include Suze as one of our Advocates.

Suze can be reached at: ReMix Art to Wear
Highspire Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111
ReMixStyle on FaceBook


Donna Kopitsky has been a spiritual seeker since birth and made a deeper commitment to personal and spiritual growth in 1980. A former Special Education teacher, she was ordained as an Interfaith minister in June 2010 after successfully completing a two year program of study at The New Seminary in New York city.

Donna many gifts include, a beautiful voice, an inspirational speaker, an awesome workshop presenter , a powerful teacher, a Reiki Master and Koalimni Practitioner. Her gift for web-designing is evident in the work she has done for the two ministries she has started, The Unity of Southwestern Pennsylvania, The Beloved Community Pet Ministry and of course the beautiful web-site she has done for "Tee-shirts for Peace."

Donna's back ground experiences working with children, her current commitment to living her calling and her generous heart make her a deeply valued part of our team. We are blessed to have Donna as a part of "Tee-Shirts for Peace" as we go forward co-creating heaven on earth for all!


When Jennifer Brezler lovingly painted Joy's design on infant tees, she helped bring the vision into form. Shortly after, our tees were spanning the globe, sending messages of good will and honoring the precious little ones who wore them. This design is still the signature design all our artist use when painting tees. As well as being a gifted artist, Jen is a caring school teacher, a devoted wife and a loving mother to a beautiful two year old little girl and a sweet infant son. Her open heart, her continuous support,her creative gifts and her commitment to the well being of children make Jen an essential part of our team. For her presence and all she brings, we are grateful and honored to have her as a part of Tee-shirts For Peace.

Terri Tingler's willingness to do what's been necessary, to support Tee-shirts for Peace, makes her a natural team member. Advocating for children is equally natural and is evident in her very words, " For most of my life, I have been gifted by the presence of children on a daily bases. They tell a story of peace, love and innocence. They are non-judgmental and they remind us, it is okay to be silly. They are wonderful teachers. As for Tee-shirts for Peace, I believe in it's vision of tending to the needs of our children. I am excited to be a part of this organization and I look forward to experiencing how things unfold, as we move forward cocreating peace for our children and our world." We are honored to have Terri as a team member and send our sincere gratitude for her open, loving heart and her commitment to children and peace.