Co-creating Heaven on Earth by nurturing the holistic care of Children and World Peace.


Loving visions and nurturing hands have created this very special line of clothing.

Baby Sophie

Designed and hand painted by gifted artist Jennifer Brezler, our fairy and angel winged tees are 100% cotton. Available in with silver wings and sayings on a pink tee or gold wings and sayings on a blue tee. Jennifer has also created a hand painted dragon winged tee, in red or black with gold glitter sayings and wings. Each tee is a work of art, that gentle raises the consciousness while earning you your wings for doing your part.


Your choice of one of these thirteen sayings:

  1. I Remember Union
  2. Peace is where it's at
  3. Love is all there is
  4. I am light
  5. I am love
  6. I am the arisen Phoenix
  7. I am Freedom
  8. Namaste
  9. We've got Soul
  10. We are all One
  11. Co-creating of Heaven on Earth
  12. Heaven is on Earth
  13. Light is all there is

For information on printed tees, contact Joy at 717-944-2188

Call Joy at 717-9442188 for more info.